Understanding the situation:

When you get an email from UseROSS saying that you have received a booking for an unmapped room it also mentions the Channel ID.

An unmapped room means there is no room link between UseROSS and the Channel. UseROSS allocates every channel a Channel ID you can find that ID from the Channels Page which can be found right next to the channel name. For example Channel ID from Expedia is 18 as displayed in the image below:

Avoid this happening:

This only happens when:

  • You have a room on the channel which is not mapped to any room in UseROSS or,
  • The channel changed the rate plan or room name and the same room in UseROSS is not Remapped.

In-case you don’t have sufficient rooms in UseROSS to map all rooms on the Channel you can do one of 2 things:

To create the room(s) in UseROSS, follow the Add Room Process.
To delete the room(s) from the channel, contact your Channel Property Manager or Channel Hotel Support and provide them the list of rooms to delete.

Rectify current Situation:

  1. Get the Guest Details, Booking Details and Payment Details from the Channel and store them for future reference.
  2. Reduce the availability of the room in your PMS (if you don’t use a PMS reduce the availability in UseROSS) so that no one else can occupy that room for that date.