The channels page looks after connections to each of the websites that can sell your rooms. When you sign up with a new channel you will need to connect it in the Channel Page using a Login, Password, or Property ID depending on the channels requirements. These details will be provided by the channel.

Each channel will have an area similar to below to connect to it. After the changes have been made you can save changes from Top or the Bottom of the page.

Channel SettingsĀ 

Enabled indicates whether a channel is currently connected. If the Channel connection fails “Login Failed” will be displayed in red and bold letters. You can also see the login failed on the Dashboard page under the Channel Status section.

Send Booking Notification will have UseROSS send a confirmation each time a booking, modification or cancellation is received. Most channels will send an e-mail directly to the motel when a new booking occurs, if not UseROSS will force an e-mail to be sent to the motel when it receives this information.