Setting up UseROSS to be your Channel Manager may need some setups that are performed by Budget Motel Chain (UseROSS) Head Office, PMS or by the Channel. This process can take up to 2 weeks depending on various factors such as the time it takes the channels to respond and act.

PLEASE NOTE: Not all steps may apply to you and the order can be performed in a different order to the one mentioned below:

Account Creation:

To start using UseROSS an account needs to be created and activated. You can do this in 2 ways:

  1. Sign up with UseROSS through the SIGN UP page where a request will be sent to the UseROSS team.
  2. Contact the Budget Motel Chain’s Head Office and request for an account where we will create an account for you and give a brief description on the functionalities of UseROSS.

Add Rooms:

Before you add rooms in UseROSS, you will need a complete list of Rooms and then distribute those rooms in Room Type depending on the Bedding Configuration. These rooms can be added by you or ARRA Head office depending on your request. Follow the steps in the Add Room process and repeat the process until all the rooms are added.

Configure your Book Now Button (BNB):

Perform this step if you want a Book Now Button added to your personal website. In order to complete the process you will need the images for the motel and all the rooms which will be added on the Book Now Button page.

Configure your Property Management System (PMS):

If you have a Property Management System then you will have to connect it to UseROSS in order to update UseROSS with the availability are rates. You will have to contact the PMS Vendor and they will help you connect UseROSS with the correct room mapping.

Connect All Channels:

In case you have your listing on any of the channels then they can be connected by following the steps in Connecting A Channel process. Some of the channels need to allow UseROSS to be your Channel Manager, while others will be connected straight in. You will have to contact the Channels that needs permissions and ask them to set you Channel Manager to be UseROSS. Once a Channel is connected, UseROSS will start sending information to the Channel in the next 5 minutes and hence you need to insure that the availability and rates on UseROSS are up to date.