The Deposit System allows you to select a reduced upfront payment to encourage longer stay bookings and advance bookings. Below are the things you should know about the deposit system:

Deposit Settings:

There 2 Deposit settings that you can change in your UseROSS account.

  1. Large Booking Deposit – It ranges from 1 day to 30 days.
  2. Future Booking Deposit – It ranges from 10% to 100%.

PLEASE NOTE: Please be careful about changing deposit settings as it requires a lot of changes there after including pre-payment policy.

  • Large booking will charge the guest for limited number of days.
    Example: If the large booking deposit setting is 1 day and the booking is made for 5 days then the guest will only be charged for 1 day and the remaining 4 days need to be collected on arrival by the property.
  • Future booking will charge only a percentage of the total reservation price to the guest, if the booking is more than 30 days in advance.
    Example: If the future booking deposit setting is 20% and the booking was made for 1 day with more than 30 days to spare, then the guest will only be charged for 20% of the reservation amount and the remaining 80% need to be collected on arrival by the property.

– If you turn on both settings and both settings are applicable to the booking then the lowest of the 2 amounts will be charged to the guest.
– Any extras in the booking like additional person, breakfast, wifi, etc. which is not included in the room cost, that will be charged at the time of booking, you will have to collect only the remaining room amount on arrival.
– The financial fee will only be applicable on the amount processed by UseROSS.
– UseROSS VCC will be made available if the payment has been processed correctly.
– UseROSS will not store any credit card information for you to charge on guest arrival and the payment on arrival has to be collected from the guest directly.
– An email will be sent to you and the guest which will mention the amount the payment was taken for and the payment to be taken on arrival.
– The Deposit system is only applicable to bookings from the Book Now Button,, and Expedia if the UseROSS VCC has been turned on.
– Policy on your Book Now Button, and Expedia needs to be changed to reflect your deposit system settings.

Setting Deposit System:

  1. Login to UseROSS and click on Property Settings
  2. Scroll down to the Deposit Section and select the number of days and/or percent you want to take the deposit for.
  3. Click on Save Changes
  4. Update the policy on all of the connected channels for which UseROSS processes the payment.