The commission percent adjustment can be done individually for every room on every channel. This setting in UseROSS allows you to cover your booking commission charged by the channel for every booking. Follow the below process to edit, add or remove commission cover for the channel:

Adjust the Commission Rate:

  1. Login to UseROSS and go to the Rooms Page
  2. Scroll down to the Channel you would like to change the commission rate for and click on one of the rooms.
  3. When you see a pop window; Enter the commission percent rate in the percentage text box. (The range is -50 to 100)
  4. Tick the Round to nearest dollar check box. (Recommended).
  5. Click on Save Changes and the page will refresh.
  6. Repeat this process for all the rooms for that channel.

PLEASE NOTE: If the channel is charging x percent of commission and if you would like to cover the complete cost charged by the channel, then you will have follow the below table to edit the commission in UseROSS.

Commission Charged by ChannelCommission added in UseROSS to cover the charge