Search for a booking:

There are several ways to search for a booking in UseROSS including by guest name, booking ID, and filtering and sorting results.

  • The simplest and fastest way to search for a booking is by using the search frame box. The search frame box are the empty white text boxes located below the motel name and tabs where you enter the relevant guest details. For eg.: To search for a booking enter the guest name in the Guest Name text box and then click on search.

Cancelled Bookings can be viewed or hidden:

  • There is a check box named “Hide cancelled bookings”. The check box is on the right of the page below the Manual Sync button. When ticked, it will not display any bookings that have been marked as cancelled by the motel or by the channel. If you are searching for and cannot find a booking please make sure this option is not turned on.

Bookings can be filtered by the search criteria

  • Filters are located at the top of the page including; ‘Channel’, ‘Room’, ‘From’ and ‘To’ dates. These can be used when you know the booking channel, room type or booking dates. Bookings will only display in the table if they pass all the criteria.

Bookings can be sorted according to each column

  • This option may be more time consuming and is why it is generally recommended to use the first option. This option is most useful when searching for all bookings created, arriving or departing on a particular date or to find multiple bookings in the same name or channel. You can sort all columns in the Booking table in Ascending order by clicking on the column name or in Descending order by clicking the column name again. The booking table by default is sorted by the created date of each booking. Sort the bookings either by Created Date or by the Arrival Date to manually go though each booking.