Bulk Change is a powerful tool that can be used to make changes for Availability, Tariff, Stop Sells or Minimum Stay for;

  • Single channel / Multiple channels
  • Single room / Multiple rooms
  • Single date / Range of dates

Bulk Change your inventory:

  1. Login to UseROSS and go to the Inventory Page.
  2. Click on the BULK CHANGE button. This will open up a new window for you to make the changes. If you can’t see the window, please turn off your Pop-Up Blocker.
  3. Below are the different steps you have to perform in the window:

   a). Select the Start Date and the End Date for the period you want the changes for. In the calendar single arrow is to change month and double arrow is to change the year.

   b). Select the room(s) you want to change (Note: If you have multiple rooms eg. Family room, then please select all the rooms that says Family room as these rooms are connected to different channels)

   c). Select the days you want the change to take place. (If you want the rates changed for all days you can select the “ALL” check box and it will select all the days for you.). By default all days will be selected.

   d). Select the Channel on which you want the changes to take place. If you want the same rates displayed on all channels please select the “ALL” check box on the right.

   e). In the last section enter the changes you wish too make. In the left column select what you want to change. In the right column select what you want to change it to. E.g. If you want to change the rates, select the check box on the left of the Rate and enter an amount in the text box next to the rate.

   f). Click on Save Changes to update.

Bulk Change your Availability:

Bulk Change your Price:

Bulk Change your Stop Sell:

Bulk Change your Minimum Stay: