The Rooms tab is made up of two sections, Default Settings and Channel Defaults. Default Settings are where you set up the rooms you will be selling, and Channel Defaults is where you map (or link) the rooms on UseROSS to the rooms on your connected channels.

Add Room: 

At the top of the page is a link to add a new room into UseROSS, clicking on it will open the following entry box. In here you will enter the information and Overall Defaults for the room.

Default Settings:

To alter the overall default settings for a room that’s already been created, click on the room name. The delete link will delete the room and any associated mappings from UseROSS (Please Note: This will not delete the room from the channels). The Default Inclusions is information about your room that can be sent to particular channels, see Custom Inclusions below.

Channel Defaults:

The channel defaults will display the rooms that are currently mapped from UseROSS to the channel. The Room Column is the name of the room that UseROSS has stored. Maps To colmun is the name of the room on the channel. To edit the settings click on the room name.

The Copy Button will allow you to copy any changes you have made to another channel.

Custom Inclusions allows you to control your room information from UseROSS.