The menu appears at the top of every UseROSS page and links you to all other areas.

There are 6 main pages in UseROSS:

Dashboard – The dashboard provides a snapshot of your UseROSS activity

Inventory – Inventory allows you to update what information that is sent to the channels, e.g. prices

Rooms – Rooms is where you set your default settings, and link rooms from the channels to UseROSS

Channels – Channels is where you enter your details to connect to a channel

Book Now Button – This is where you setup your Book Now Button to receive commission free bookings

Bookings – All bookings you have received with bookings details will be available on this page

Along the top right there are some options available for you:

Message Icon – This is the message centre and will display messages you have received from UseROSS Head Office. Please note that in some cases the messages will be sent out to your e-mail address directly rather than your message centre and so even your e-mails needs to be checked on regular basis for information sent.

Help Centre – This contains useful links and information about UseROSS.

Support This link will provide you with the contact details of UseROSS Head Office.

Property Settings – This contains all additional settings for your Property including the contact information about your Property.

Logout – This will log you out of UseROSS.