Add a Room

Add a new room type.

Adjust Commission Rates

Cover your commission/transaction fee charged by the channel.

Bulk Change

Apply public holiday rates, large period ‘Stop Sell’, ‘Minimum Stays’ for long weekends.

Cancel/Refund Bookings

To cancel a booking, refund a guest or charge a cancellation fee.

Change Default Settings

Change the base price of a room or weekend rates, apply ‘Minimum Stay’ on weekends, make more rooms available or change the ‘Extra Person’ rate.

Check a Booking

Find future or past guest booking details.

Connect a Channel

Connect a new channel to UseROSS.

Copy Rates

Copy the rates from one channel to another.

Manage Overbookings

If you have been double booked.

Manage Rack Rates

Manage your special offers.

Manage Unmapped Rooms

Received a booking for an unmapped room.

Map Rooms

Connect/Link a room in UseROSS to a room in a channel.

Reset my Password

Change or forgot password.

Send Guest Invoices

Send a copy of an booking invoice to the guest or view a the guest invoice.

Setup UseROSS

Completely setup UseROSS, from start to finish!

Use the Deposit System

Enable/Change/Disable your deposit settings