Rectify Current Situation

When you get an overbooking it is important to maintain good relations with the guest and avoid any monetary loss on your end. Please follow the steps below:

  1. Identify the last booking that was made for the room that is overbooked.
  2. Contact the Channel that guest used to make the booking and inform them about the overbooking. Usually Channels have a process to assist with a guest overbooking.
  3. If possible provide the Channel with an alternative property with similar room features where they can relocate the guest. Try to provide a property whose cost is same or lower than yours. If the cost is higher, the Channel may invoice you to pay the difference.

Identify the Source

It is important to understand the cause of the issue, so that such scenarios can be avoided. There can be several causes of overbooking:

  • Channel Not Connected: Channel may not have UseROSS as the Channel Manager or the Channel was not connected. Channel connection needs to be established otherwise UseROSS cannot update live availability to the Channel.
  • Room Disconnected: The Room may not be mapped or the room details on the channel may have changed which has disconnected the room mapping in UseROSS. Rooms need to be Mapped/Remapped  to connect the UseROSS rooms with the Channel rooms.
  • PMS Update: Your PMS may not be updating UseROSS or have updated UseROSS with the wrong information. Contact your PMS provider and ask them to check if the UseROSS connection and Room Mapping is operational. Also verify with them if they have logs of availability update for the overbooking.
  • Manual Update: You may have made some rooms available or you have forgotten to block the room when the booking was made manually. UseROSS store logs of changes, for upto 2 weeks after they were made.
  • Automatic availability reassignment: One of the UseROSS features is to reassign the room when a cancellation comes in. If you have received a cancellation and have this feature turned on, UseROSS will automatically make the room(s) available online to be booked.
  • Booking Overlap: UseROSS updates all your Channels within 5 minutes of any changes made as per industrial standards, however if two booking came in from separate channels within 5 minute duration of update where only one room is available then you may have a overbooking. In such a scenario you can call us and we will assist you by talking to the channel and reallocating the guest.